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Working on projects
Two employees - a consultant and an assistant are involved in each project. The search is overseen by Project manager being responsible for the relevant industrial or functional direction and processes. This structure ensures successful search for the most skilled positions and hierarchical levels of the organization: from specialists to functional and top managers.

Cost of service, terms, warranty
Cost of service, tems and payment conditions are discussed particularly for each project and depend on the level of the position and search conditions of the project. We provide a replacement candidate at no additional charge, if he leaves the company during the warranty period.

We consider confidential all business and personal information received from our partners. We did not disclose this information to any third party, except such information is transmitted by mutual written agreement of the parties. We take responsibility to inform clients and candidates about all essential recruitment process points of, which may significantly affect our work and change the course of the project.

We always welcome the opportunity to participate in tenders held by companies for selecting service providers in the field of staff recruitment. We provide all the necessary information about our company, as well as recommendations from our partners.


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